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Suspension Service

Oil change



Valve phasing

Cleaning of shims.

Suspension Repair

Oil seal replacement.

Air gap adjustment.

Straighten and replace fork tubes.

Rechrome of fork tubes and rechrome of shock shafts.

Regas Nitrogen

All shocks with bladders needs to be re gassed with nitrogen.

Also emulsions shocks needs to be re gassed.

Re gas prevents oil to change to foam.

Re gas pressure is needed to make the seal seat under pressure.

Different pressures for different shock designs.

Revalve and Setup

Re-valve and setup.

Happens when springs changes are done.

Most likely with spring changes and we need to know what type of rider is applicable.

Track sessions. Suspension setup.

Once a week.

Vision and simulating training.

Breathing, body positioning in and out corners also on straights.


1. Sports bikes/super bikes/track bikes.

2. Dual purpose/commuter. Sports tourer!

3. Off road.

4. Advice and setup for bike owners in general regarding suspension setup and requirements/needs.

5. Forte = track setup!

6. Oil, has a lifespan. Service manual, times, kilos. Shocks always needs attention. Our South African weather conditions prompt us to service and address oil in suspension. We tend not to service our suspension and miss look the fact they need serious attention at all times. If you keep up your suspension services, which will prevent breakdowns.