About Us

Dewald has motorcycle track racing experience since 1982 and understand exactly the needs of each racing motorcycle owner or participant in track motorcycling.

He started the business of specialised suspension technology in 2013 as a sole proprioter, to enable him to be hands on, involved with passion when it comes to suspension technology and motorcycles.

Dewald is also a Pta Noord Motorsport ambassodor and very well known in motorcycle track racing enthusiasts.

Another service provided by Dewald is his authorization from Racetech Dealer to enable him to service your suspension needs in full.

Suspension technology and motorcycles needs practical understanding and know how of specialised tools and equipment to deliver a professional suspension technolgy service. In addition, Dewald is a qualified artisan able to use such tools, equipment and requirements of suspension technology

Dewald is an artist in suspension technology. Besides his passion for what he is doing, his workplace is always in mint clean condition and ready to repair, service your motorcycle suspension. Dewald's mission is to deliver a passionate service for a well deserved payment. As a matter of fact Dewald is all around well known with his nickname called by many: "prof suspension"

It is easy noticable how Dewald always strive to increase his existing suspension technolgy knowledge.

Dewald is coached and mentored by Neels Van Niekerk, a mechanical Engineer, x-racer and GP (Late eighties) suspension specialist. (Ohlins).

When you visit Dewald's workshop, you will easily take note of his specialised needed suspension tools and assests in use to deliver just a great service on suspension technology.